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2015 Take Stock in Children Graduates

Take Stock in Children, is a statewide program that helps deserving children from low-income families achieve academic and personal success through scholarships and mentor support. Click here to read additional information. An extensive network of early intervention and long term support led by a local partnership of schools, businesses, agencies is put into place to guide the student. It is backed by strong parental involvement and community investment. The Take Stock program makes a multi-year commitment to children, providing a comprehensive array of services from the time they enter the program in eighth grade through their graduation from college or vocational school. There are several components behind the success of the program.


A team of community volunteers from education, business and non- profit is dedicated to selecting students to participate in the program. In order to be selected, students must be in the eighth grade, have a proven financial need and possess a strong determination to succeed.

The Contract

Once a student is selected, he/she must sign a program contract. This contract stipulates that the student must commit to staying drug and crime free, maintain satisfactory grades and exhibit good behavior in and out of school. The student’s parents must also sign this contract and pledge to support their child throughout the duration of the program. A violation of the contract will cause the student to be dismissed from the program and the scholarship to be awarded to another deserving student.


Each Take Stock Scholar is paired with an adult volunteer mentor who provides the motivation and encouragement necessary to help them stay the course. Students must be matched with a mentor before they can be officially inducted into the program. Mentors are screened by Collier County Public Schools and receive training and support from Champions For Learning.  They meet once per week with their student on the school campus. A one year commitment is all that is required of our mentors, but most continue mentoring their student until he or she graduates from high school, sometimes college. Read more about becoming a mentor.

Click here for a mentor application

Program Support

In addition to the support of a caring mentor, students in the Take Stock in Children program are supported by:

  • Student advocacy services. A student advocate, on staff with Champions For Learning, is responsible for the day-to-day tracking of our students’ academic performance and behavior, as well as their needs for additional support. The student advocate works together with our mentors, as well as a team of community volunteers from various service organizations, to ensure each student stays on track and has what they need to succeed.
  • College Preparation Program provides students with college preparatory activities and opportunities to practice life skills, employment skills, and leadership skills.
  • Incentives to succeed.  Take Stock students who show improvement or do exceptionally well during a grading period are rewarded.
  • A vision for their future. Trips to various Florida colleges, and special events give our Take Stock students a glimpse at what their future can hold.

Tuition Scholarship

When Take Stock students successfully graduate from high school, and the program, they are awarded a 2 year tuition college scholarship (60 credit hours at a community college.) Students may also choose to use their scholarship to attend a vocational school.  They may wish to attend a university, but the scholarship would only cover the first 60 credit hours at the community college rate.  The student would need to find additional scholarships, grants or financial aid to fund the final 60 credit hours.

We purchase our Take Stock scholarships through the Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program using matching funds.

Invest in a Student

Learn more about how you could invest in a student.