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Mission & Goals


Champions For Learning makes it possible for our community to impact lives by enriching the environment for student learning.


1.  Foster real-world learning opportunities for students and families.


  • Develop and implement volunteer-based models that support students for college and career readiness
  • Develop and implement community-based curriculum to support students’ college and career readiness
  • Expand access to post-secondary financial support.

2.  Cultivate opportunities for educators to engage with their community and each other.


  • Create opportunities to connect educators with community members
  • Provide community-based professional learning opportunities for educators
  • Invest in and share the innovative/best practices of educators

3.  Promote community-based collaboration, innovation, and sharing of resources.


  • Identify and implement strategic alignment with other organizations that leverages community resources around common goals
  • Continue to bring the community together around learning (Connect Now)
  • Involve community members through volunteerism and giving